Case Study

Market opportunity assessment and competitor analysis in the waste sector

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A regional entity within the UK’s waste management sector seized an opportunity to expand its market presence. This initiative was propelled by the sale of a significant player in the industry, prompting the need for comprehensive market and competitor intelligence to inform a potential acquisition.

Project Pursuits

The mission was clear: to conduct a thorough analysis of potential bidders, understand their historical strategies, and assess current activities in the broader market. Leading Edge was commissioned to spearhead this intelligence-gathering effort, with the end goal of equipping the client with strategic insights to make an informed bidding decision.

Research Dynamics

Under considerable time constraints, Leading Edge embarked on a swift yet systematic research campaign over a two-week period, employing both desk research and telephone inquiries. The study aimed to unearth lucrative opportunities within the market, with particular attention on collection and recycling activities in the Local Authority Waste Disposal Company (LAWDC) area. Understanding the nuances of competitor behaviour and upcoming tender renewals was deemed crucial for a comprehensive market overview. Interviews conducted with industry insiders provided a robust list of potential bidders and offered a glimpse into their projected bidding strategies and pricing.

Client Empowerment

The culmination of this effort was a detailed market examination and the formation of various scenarios outlining possible bidder actions. This analysis not only shed light on the current market landscape but also provided the client with actionable intelligence to navigate the bidding process strategically. With this knowledge, the client was well-equipped to reposition their approach, ensuring they could capitalise on emerging opportunities and enhance their competitive edge in the bustling waste management arena.

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