Market analysis for a building product trade association

Client description

  • Trade association

Project Objectives

  • To obtain market share figures of the different materials going into the road and pavement markets on projects in GB.
  • To assess the trends in the usage of their members’ product groups in these markets over the last three years against the main competing materials.

How we met the objectives

  • Analysed data from a construction project database of over 1,200 projects.
  • Further analysis to split the market down by product group across a range of construction sectors from residential and commercial to industrial.
  • Utilised our own construction sector forecasting model.

Benefits for the client

  • Identified the relative market share of each product in the different sectors and how the shares had changed between two time periods.
  • Established the best growth opportunities for the sales of the association’s members’ products by using our latest construction sector forecast figures.
  • Repeated the analysis every six months  over a 2 year period to monitor changes in the market.