Analysis of customer network and competitor mapping

Client description

  • Building product manufacturer

Project Objectives

  • To build a detailed profile of and segment their current installer network.
  • To understand the competitive intensity within the UK and identify geographical areas of opportunity

How we met the objectives

  • Completed 75 telephone interviews with installers from existing customer base.
  • Identified areas of highest density and penetration of wealthier families and larger family homes across the UK using proprietary geodemographic tool.
  • Measured degree of competitive intensity using competitor networks and highlighted gaps in the current network, particularly around areas of high relative opportunity.
  • Identified high performing competitor installers in high opportunity areas.

Benefits for the client

  • Gained detailed profile of installers and segmentation to allow for targeted dealer programmes to be established.
  • Identified the scale of opportunity throughout all business regions to help develop the business and marketing strategy.