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Analysis of Building Services Market for Global Manufacturer Including Security, Heating, Air Conditioning and CCTV

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A major global manufacturer of electronic products, specialising in security, air conditioning, heating, and CCTV systems, sought our expertise to carry out a project to gain a comprehensive understanding of the building services market. The project’s primary objectives were to collect pivotal market data and assess the size and potential future growth of the building services market across the UK and Europe. This analysis was intended to be segmented by product group and country, providing a nuanced understanding of the market landscape.

Client’s Strategic Needs

The client’s main strategy was to harness this detailed market understanding to develop and refine their sales and marketing strategies. With the building services sector evolving rapidly, the client needed granular insights into market sizes, growth trajectories, and key trends across different product categories and geographic regions. This information was crucial to identify opportunities and tailor their approach in diverse markets.

Research Methodology and Data Collection

To meet these objectives, a robust research methodology was employed. The team conducted 76 telephone interviews with senior executives operating in the Mechanical and Electrical market. These interviews were critical in understanding the market structure, key issues, and trends from an insider’s perspective. The executives provided firsthand insights into the dynamics of the market, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes.

Desk Research and Market Analysis

In tandem with the interviews, extensive desk research was carried out. This research involved analysing existing market data to develop forecasts for key sectors within the UK market. The data was scrutinised to identify patterns, trends, and potential growth areas, thereby providing a comprehensive view of the current market status and future prospects.

European Market Sizing and Forecasting

Further, the project included the development of a European market sizing and forecasting model. This model integrated the insights gleaned from both market data and the desk and telephone research, offering a detailed view of the market size and growth prospects across different European countries. This multinational approach was essential to understand the diverse and complex nature of the European market.

Client Benefits and Outcomes

The research yielded significant benefits for the client. It provided a clear assessment of the overall market opportunity in both the UK and Europe, along with insights into the key issues and challenges that needed to be addressed. This comprehensive understanding enabled the client to develop a targeted ‘Go To Market’ strategy, tailored to the nuances and specific demands of different market segments and regions.

Conclusion and Future Implications

In conclusion, this extensive market analysis not only equipped the client with critical insights for strategic decision-making but also laid the groundwork for a successful market entry and expansion strategy. The detailed understanding of market sizes, growth prospects, and key trends across various product groups and countries positions the client to effectively adapt and compete in the evolving building services market. This strategic approach is expected to drive their growth and strengthen their position in the competitive global landscape of building services.

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