Analysis of building services market for global manufacturer including security, heating, air conditioning and CCTV

Client description

  • Major global manufacturer of electronic products including security, air conditioning, heating and CCTV.

Project objectives

  • To collect key market data on the building services market to help develop the sales and marketing strategy.
  • To assess the size and future growth of the building services market in the UK and Europe, split by type of product group and country.

How we met the objectives

  • Telephone interviews with 76 senior executives operating in the Mechanical and Electrical market to understand the market structure and key issues in the market.
  • Desk research and analysis of market data to develop UK forecasts for the key sectors.
  • Development of a European market sizing and forecasting model using market data and desk and telephone research.

Benefits for the client

  • Identified and assessed the overall market opportunity in UK and Europe and the key issues to overcome.
  • Helped develop and provided key input for the development of a ‘Go To Market’ strategy for the client.