Brand review triggers management development for a contractor

This group had recently reorganised into four new operating divisions with new names. The old structure had been based on a number of small companies that had been acquired. The need for a review arose because there was a view at board level that neither customers nor staff understood the new organisation well.

Research among the group’s customers had shown that the group had a positive image and the key words used to sum them up were “professional, traditional, reliable and quality”. But this wasn’t the forward looking image that the directors wanted to see. From a simple review of the brand, this developed into an overhaul of the customer relation management strategy.

Working with the directors we established a set of aspirational brand values. These were then tested with the customers who had been researched before. It showed that customers are coming to expect much more of front-line staff in problem-solving and taking responsibility for seeing that issues are resolved.

We turned the brand values into a set of operating guidelines, covering the principal transactional contacts with customers, as a reference for management and also training & recruitment profiling.

We also established the outline of the communication plans for the key groups of stakeholders, with guidelines for managing the sub-brands of the company, where these are different to each other

Finally, we prepared a set of briefs for internal communications, client communications and non-financial PR activity from a brand perspective.

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