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chris hadley


Chris Hadley BSc (Hons) DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer

I’ve been closely involved with the development of the environmental side of the company’s business for over a decade. During that time I’ve done a great deal to make Leading Edge one of leading marketing consultancies working in this specialised market place.

Prior to joining Leading Edge I was with Birmingham based consultancy ECOTEC, where I was primarily involved in strategic business consulting and research. I can now combine my experience from working with a large consultancy with the improved and dedicated service customers receive from a mid sized consultancy such as Leading Edge. Emphasising common-sense solutions to problems is a key element of our approach and is one that I believe has won us considerable success over the years.

We have worked with over thirty organisations in the environmental and energy sector including several customers with whom we have worked for a number of years. Our environmental and energy clients include government departments (such as UK Trade and Industry and EISU), regional development agencies, water & energy utilities, major waste & environmental service companies as well as smaller organisations in the private sector. Our down to earth and pragmatic approach has won favour with both SME’s and larger concerns.

As for myself, I’m based out of Manchester although sometimes work out of the Wokingham office on specific assignments. However, with the power of modern communications, and the desire to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible, both offices work well together on a virtual basis.

I’ve two daughters aged 13 and 11 and as you can expect most evenings during the week I’ve a part time job as a taxi driver.

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