What our construction industry clients think of the service we provide

At the end of every project we ask clients to score us out of 10 on particular aspects of our project performance. This helps us improve our service levels.

The table below shows our average scores out of 10 for the last 20 completed construction marketing projects over the past 2 years.

Quality of Proposal 8.8
Supportive and Knowledgeable Staff 9.3
Level of Communication 9.3
Quality of Final Output 9.0
Value for Money 8.4

 Leading Edge’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The NPS is an easy way of measuring the overall performance of your company through your customers’ eyes. Find out more about the methodology.

Using the results from the question “How likely are you to recommend Leading Edge to others if asked” given by 20 recent clients, we have calculated our Net Promoter score (NPS) .

It is 95%

Our score was calculated by adding up the number of promoters and then subtracting the number of detractors. From the 20 questionnaires we have:

  • 19 promoters – clients who gave us a score of 9 - 10
  • 1 passive - clients who gave us a score of 7 - 8
  • 0 detractors - clients who gave us a score of 1 – 6.

From asking this question for a number of our clients who have asked us to gather this data, a score of 50% is good.

We would always recommend asking your customers this question when you collect feedback, as it provides an excellent overview of the ratio of customers who are your promoters and detractors.

It’s important to know this as having lots of promoters increases the chances of winning business through repeat sales and referrals. And you can probably be sure that the detractors are costing you business.