Construction NPS | Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What are the benefits of conducting customer satisfaction surveys?

A customer satisfaction survey should be the first stage in improving your service to customers in the construction sector. The results of the survey should then be used to identify an action programme to improve poor performing areas. It enables a business to identify areas of strength and weakness in its customer service and/or building products, and most importantly, helps to identify and prioritise specific opportunities for improvement.
Many companies within the construction market use customer satisfaction surveys to help identify and exploit weaknesses in their competitor’s product or service offering as well as benchmarking their own product and service against a main competitor.
Customers can be interviewed by telephone, face to face or by email. Telephone is usually the preferred means as quite detailed feedback can be collected at a reasonable cost. Whichever technique is selected, a good and accurate customer database is essential with up to date phone numbers or email addresses.

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