Construction Research

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Construction Research

We have a wide experience of market research and analysis in the construction industry and have completed hundreds of projects in this sector.

Focused market research can provide powerful information from customers and prospective customers and also provide valuable feedback on product performance and service levels. Respondent groups would typically include architects, contractors, sub contractors, industry commentators and distributors.

Desk Research in the Construction Industry

An analysis of the construction market can be obtained through collecting data via market research, as described above, or desk research. Desk research is typically a search of existing data sources to help build up a picture of the market and obtain further information on key brands, customers, products and reasons for purchasing.

Sources of desk research include web research, trade publications, existing reports, company press releases, reports and accounts and relevant web sites.

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Example Case Studies – Construction Industry Research

We have a wide range of case studies where we have carried out research in the construction and building products industry. They can be seen here:  case studies in construction market research.

An example of a fairly typical construction research project is provided below:

Client description

  • Manufacturer of building products

Project Objectives

  • To assess the UK market for ducting and ventilation
  • To provide input to the business plan for the launch of a new product
  • To obtain feedback on the features of a prototype product with a view to setting up production facilities.

How we met the objectives using construction research

  • Completed 80 telephone interviews with installers, specifiers and distributors.
  • Conducted in-depth face to face interviews with installers & specifiers with a product sample.
  • Carried out further desk research to gain market size and growth potential data.

Benefits for the client

  • Provided detailed assessment of the market size, pricing, growth prospects, key competitors & share, route to market and reasons for selecting suppliers.
  • Identified the size of the opportunity and provided data on the market structure to help develop the business and marketing strategy.
  • Widened the appeal of the product and developed plans on the best way to market the product from the feedback collected.