Construction Market Survey

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Surveys in the Construction Market

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Most of our clients are in or related to the construction sector and so we have a lot of relevant experience within this market. Our main services include market surveys, customer research, market analysis, product forecasting and customer service measurement. Our track record on working with manufacturers, contractors and service companies is excellent and feedback from customers pays testament to this.

Examples of companies we have worked with in the last few years include: Colas, Miller, Gerflor, Severn Trent, Burgess Ceilings and BRE.

A  couple of case studies are provided below to illustrate the type of market survey work we have carried out in the construction industry. However, many more are available here.

Example case study: construction market survey

This client is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of flooring accessories in the UK. They wished to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as their competitors among flooring contractors, architects, property managers and construction companies. They also wished to assess why certain suppliers were selected in specific jobs and test the awareness of their new products.

We carried out this market survey by interviewing 300 respondents by telephone which included both customers and non customers. This provided our client with key data to help them improve customer service and identify areas they needed to develop as well as where there competitors were not doing well.

Example case study: market survey for contractor

A major M&E contractor with a strong presence on the South East, wanted to survey the market to assess the opportunity for expanding its core service offering into a new region. They asked Leading Edge to conduct a detailed research study to validate the scale of the opportunity, prior to any significant investment.

To fully understand the regional market dynamics, Leading Edge carried out an in-depth telephone survey with 40 senior and operational contacts involved with the buying and specifying of M&E services. The questionnaire structure focused on open ended questions to draw out the key factors for winning work, developing relationships and assessing the key trends in the region.

The field research was supported with an extensive analysis of construction activity in the company’s core target markets. Developing a market forecast model for regional construction activity allowed for an assessment of the market size for M&E services over the next 3 years and where the ‘hot-spots’ of work are located.

The questionnaire worked effectively, with the analysis revealing a number of major barriers to overcome in order to break into the regional market’s supply chains. However, the construction market survey also revealed that market activity was starting to recover and that a new contractor would be welcomed in the region.

We then presented the findings to the senior management team who then fed the market insights into their business plan. They concluded that, on balance, the market opportunity was not large enough to make a return on the significant investment required to open and service a regional office.