Insulation market research, analysis and reports

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Market research and report on insulation products

Our main services in the building materials sector include market research, market analysis, product forecasting and strategy planning. Most of our work is for manufacturers of construction materials, contractors, distributors and other companies involved in construction. In particular we have experience of working in the insulation products sector for a manufacturer of specialist products. We have also operational experience of distributing insulation materials.

Case study: insulation market report

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This manufacturer of specialist insulation products asked us to review its marketing plan and activities as it felt its profile was very low and it was not maximising the return on its limited marketing investment. In addition it had a good sales team but no marketing experience at a strategic or tactical level. Having reviewed the sales and marketing function and activities, we made specific recommendations on where in the insulation market it should be focussing its efforts and budget to maximise the return. We then worked with the client to help further develop its marketing plan and implement the key recommendations.

Case study: market analysis for building product manufacturer

This manufacturer asked us to assess the UK market for ducting with a view to launching a new product into the market.

We analysed the market including an assessment of the market size, pricing, growth prospects, key competitors & share, route to market and reasons for selecting specific suppliers. The client also wished to obtain feedback on the features of a prototype product with a view to setting up production facilities.

We achieved these objectives with a mix of desk research; 80 telephone interviews with installers, specifiers and distributors; in depth face to face interviews with installers & specifiers with a product sample.

The research identified the scale of opportunity and provided valuable feedback on the market structure to help develop the business and marketing strategy. The feedback on the new product itself led to several changes that increased the appeal of the product and also the plans on the best way to market the product.