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Our approach to Building Products Forecasts

Our services for the construction sector includes the development of forecasts for building products, construction services and individual market sectors. Market forecasting models for building products can be split into 3 groups:

  • Time series models – use historical data as a means of forecasting future outcomes and assume past patterns in data can be used to forecast future data points
  • Causal forecasting models – based on the relationship between the variable to be forecast (eg building product sales) and an independent variable (eg rate of interest or construction output). They are often regression type models although others can be used
  • Qualitative forecasting – based on the educated opinions of selected persons. Information can be collected, for example, via telephone interviews with selected respondents with a knowledge of the market, sector or company

Our experience in Developing Forecasts for the UK Construction and Building Products Market

We have significant experience in developing forecasts for a range of building products, both heavy side and light side. More information on our services and how to develop forecasts in the construction and building products sector can be found here. Typically, our customers use the building products forecast for one of the following:

  • To identify growth sectors
  • To control the cost base by matching resources to demand
  • To focus marketing activities in the right sectors
  • To develop more accurate sales & budget forecasts.

Buying our Report – UK Construction Output Forecast 2018 – 2020

In addition we produce a UK construction forecast every 6 months, this is a regular report that has been published for the last 25 years and provides an estimate on construction output by sector. The sectors covered include: private housing, public housing, public non residential, infrastructure, commercial, industrial and repairs and maintenance. For more details on the forecast and how to buy it click through to Construction Output Forecast 2018 – 20.

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